Omdrejninger: S/T is out today! May 26, 2017 11:18

Omdrejninger is a project concieved by sound-installation artist Christian Skjødt and composer, and guitarist Mark Solborg aiming at investigating and challenging the listening experience for both musicians and audience. A site-specific work for ensemble, space and loudspeakers.

“..a sensation of a spatial instrument with the powers to lift and take off with all of us.” - Laura Berivan Nilsson, Omlyd

Available as a limited super deluxe double 180g vinyl album + visual renditions (video) + photo-poster, CD or digital version. More info here.


Damaztra: Flag of Time - A wild flower of music with colours, scents, thorns and shapes of all kinds... Out today! May 19, 2017 03:17

Danstrup, Mazur and Tranberg have long ago made themselves known in widely different contexts – from the very top of jazz musicians to the more humble, experimenting venues.

On their debut album, the three musicians unfold themselves in a breath taking, vibrating room, and both the collective as well as the individual efforts are noteworthy. The depth and clarity in the overall sound makes the music present, and the musicians have taken themselves on an astonishing journey where nothing is inevitable.

More info here.


Aladdin's dream - Firebirds play Carl Nielsen is out 28th of April 2017! April 28, 2017 07:00

The Firebirds' second album "Aladdin's dream" is out! The album is a tribute to the Danish composer Carl Nielsen, and the trio hereby continues their work with arranging classical orchestra pieces into their own unique blend of impro, surf, blues and avantgarde.

More info:

Shitney - "Earth Core" is out today! February 10, 2017 07:00

Get it on CD, digitally, or go for the limited edition of 50 pink, heart-shaped soaps with a wasp inside and a download code included.

Release show - friday 10. 2. 2017, 21:30 at 5e - RSVP.

More about the album here.

ILK Sessions at 5e // Vinterjazz 2017 January 29, 2017 23:25

Join us for our ILK Sessions at 5e during Vinterjazz 2017!

ILK has put together a wonderful program over three weekends with guests from home and abroad. Thomas Lehn (D), Thomas Morgan (US), Scott Dubois (US), Gerbhard Ullmann (D), Shitney, Kasper Tranberg (Denmark), Susanna Santos Silva (PT), P. O. George Jonas Müller, Lift ... And, of course, ILKs themselves. An unpredictable and intense intersection of tradition, avant-garde and innovation delivered with a burning love for music.

Fredag d. 3. Februar

Lørdag d. 4. Februar

Fredag d. 10. Februar

Lørdag d. 11. Februar

Fredag d. 17. Februar

Lørdag d. 18. Februar

All concerts begin at 20:00
Entrance - 100 DKK per evening
Pay with cash or MobilePay

Konkyhlie is out today! October 21, 2016 12:14

Konkyhlie consisted of four young musicians from Copenhagen and the older, now deceased saxophonist Christian Kyhl.
The music is all improvised and moves between the beautiful and the ugly, the wild and the sensitive, the abstract and the plain.

Release party is tomorrow October the 22nd and the album is available here.


Kresten Osgood Trio "Live in Gothenburg" is out today! September 30, 2016 12:19

Their debut recording from the concert at the great Nefertiti Jazz Club in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2013. Recorded live by Swedish National Radio.

The release will be celebrated with a concert at Mandagsklubben at 5e on October 31st with special guests!

Stay tuned for more live dates!

Read more info and buy the album

Moonbow - "When the sleeping fish turn red and the skies start to sing in C major I will follow you till the end" is out 23rd of September! September 20, 2016 21:57

MOONBOW is an international septet playing freedom music full of pure energy, levitating improvisations, ecstatic grooves, and unforgettable themes.
The band consists of seven accomplished, internationally recognized improvisers from five different European countries. It was founded in early 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where their paths suddenly crossed. The music for MOONBOW was composed by the bass player Tomo Jacobson, but the imperative of working with the band was to give the band members freedom to shape the material their own way, fully engaging their unique, strong, and diverse creative intuitions.

Danielle Dahl (NO) - sax,
Mads Egetoft (DK) - sax,
Maciek Kadziela (PL) - sax,
Lucas Leidinger (DE) - piano
Anton Jansson (SE) - guitar,
Tomo Jacobson (PL) - double bass
Kresten Osgood (DK) - drums

Read the Salt-Peanuts review in English here & All About Jazz review here.

Read more info and buy the album



Toxværd/Toldam/Mazur - Pladeshop & Laura Toxværd Compositions Part 1 & Part 2 - out 1st of July! July 1, 2016 11:34


Laura Toxværd Compositions Part 1 Feat. Carsten Dahl (special guest), Raymond Strid & Jonas Westergaard  & Laura Toxværd Compositions Part 2 with Dødens Garderobe are two new White Label Series releases #6 & #7, presenting the final sonic result of Toxvaerd’s artistic research project.

The musicians perform Toxvaerd’s compositions notated as graphic scores which are shown in Toxvaerd’s book Compositions – 18 Graphic scores by Danish publisher Forlaget Spring. The art book with her reflective texts about her artistic process is the final graphic result of Toxvaerd’s artistic research project as an adjunct lecturer at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen. The albums are each released digitally & on 45 numbered, handwritten vinyls.

Pladeshop by Laura Toxvaerd, Simon Toldam & Marilyn Mazur is the album #5 on ILK’s White Label Series released digitally & on 40 numbered, handwritten vinyls. The recording session of this album was the musicians’ first musical meeting.

"Peter Danstrup: Sacrified" is out today! June 24, 2016 12:07

With this collection of unique songs, all inspired by religious subjects and tales, bass player and composer Peter Danstrup stands out as a remarkable player on
the Danish jazz scene. Ranging from the large Reptiles- orchestra with its solid brass core, over the zippy trio Klökkeblömst to now the octet Sacrified, he has composed and orchestrated a wide tonal palette of expressions, adding new releases to his oeuvre every year since 2010.

More info here.

Spotify link here.

Beautiful recycled-paper non-glue cover fresh out the oven! Mark Solborg & Herb Robertson release "Tuesday Prayers" out 10th of June 2016 June 6, 2016 12:09

American trumpet icon Herb Robertson and Danish guitarist Mark Solborg paid a visit to Koncertkirken, an old church in downtown Copenhagen for a duo performance.

That Tuesday evening the music was more calm and contemplative than usual. The large room and beautiful acoustics breathed life into transparent motives, hymns, shouts and expressive textures. Essentially a musical dialogue between friends. Pensive prayers of peace is what you hear on this live-recorded duo album. Music for the quiet of late nights or early mornings.

More info here.

Simon Toldam Trio & The Living Room in the final line-up of the "Opposite Music – Denmark meets Japan" May 11, 2016 00:00

Simon Toldam Trio and The Living Room & Koichi Makigami made it to the final line-up of the excellent musical project run by JazzDanmark and Snyk, "Opposite Music – Denmark meets Japan"! Together with 12 other Danish bands they will perform at the renowned venue in Tokyo - Superdeluxe, switching places with Copenhagen's Jazzhouse for 10 days in May 2017!

Read more in Danish here.

Martin Philadelphy & Kresten Osgood - "Omphalos" out on ILK May 6th, 2016! May 6, 2016 15:28

Kresten Osgood & Martin Philadelphy hard-rock record "Omphalos" charged with extra-terrestrial sounds is out via ILK now too (It came out on Martin's own label, Delphy Entertainment Rekords, in Austria last year) with a loads of great reviews!

Record is available here:…/martin-philadelphy-kresten…

ZAKS - Zaks Live at 5e - out April 29th, 2016! April 29, 2016 12:27

Zaks Live at 5e is one set of improvised music recorded live at 5e, the venue that has become the epitome of the ILK collective during festivals. By the labor of a persistent fan these recordings eventually fell in the hands of the band who instantly recognized the magic of the performance. It was something quite unique and now it has made its way on to this album.

The four band members have been playing for years in the larger ensemble Anderskov Accident, but came together for their first quartet performance on July 13, 2014, which resulted in their debut recording: ZAKS Live at 5e.

ZAKS is:
Jesper Zeuthen - sax
Jacob Anderskov - piano
Rune Kielsgaard - drums
Jeppe Skovbakke - bass

Buy the album here

Stefan Pasborg / Dawda Jobarteh duo - "Stefan Pasborg / Dawda Jobarteh duo" April 15, 2016 14:51

Stefan Pasborg / Dawda Jobarteh duo - "Stefan Pasborg / Dawda Jobarteh duo" is out today!

Versatile jazz drummer and master kora player team up in a unique duo-collaboration combining two different music cultures and creating a melting-pot of styles mixed together into an output based on their mutual love for strong rhythmical shapes, beautiful melodies and the pure energy in music.

Streaming & Download

Løvdal / Landæus / Danielsson / Gullotti - "Very Well Vol. 1" April 8, 2016 00:00

Løvdal / Landæus / Danielsson / Gullotti - "Very Well Vol. 1" is out!

This is the first release in a series from Jesper Løvdal, exploring the quartet format.

Stream & Download


ILK in Downbeat! March 16, 2016 19:41

Torben Snekkestad - Winds of Mouth • Plateau • The Reed Trumpet - Out February 19th! February 15, 2016 23:39

The trilogy “The Poetics of a Multiphonic Landscape” is saxophone wizard Torben Snekkestad’s latest output.

With these three solo albums, Snekkestad fully presents us to his unmistakable textural saxophone language. The trilogy is the result of an artistic journey into the complex and captivating possibilities of the saxophone to produce multiple sonics simultaneously (multiphonics) and to unfold the possible poetics of these within the acoustic solo format. A lot of the music is inspired by underwater soundscapes as an inspiration for acoustic explorations.

The trilogy includes the following albums: "Winds of Mouth", "Plateau" and "The Reed Trumpet", where the last one is the first full length album with this hybrid instrument ever and only comes in 100 handwritten vinyls copies.


Buy, stream & download "Winds Of Mouth"

Buy, stream & download "Plateau"

Buy "The Reed Trumpet"

Vinterjazz is coming! February 1, 2016 00:00

There's only a few days left until it all starts on Friday and you can have a look at our events on our Facebook event page, where you can also subscribe to them if you don't want to miss any.

This year, you can buy a partout ticket to all our 5e evenings - that's 6 Vinterjazz ILK nights - for only 200kr!

The single tickets at the door cost 60kr - student / 100kr - standard per night, and you can use both cash and MobilePay. If you wish to buy the partout ticket in advance, write us a FB message or an email, to pay with MobilePay.

Find and subscribe to our events on our Facebook page:


Eggs Laid By Tigers - "Live Berlin" January 15, 2016 00:00

Recorded in April of 2015 at the intimate art gallery Salon Am Moritz Platz, "Live Berlin" remained unplanned until only moments before their concert...

Buy, stream & download

Butch Lacy, Jesper Løvdal, Kresten Osgood and Mark Dresser "Being Playing" is out! December 11, 2015 00:00

Buy, download & stream

Danish Music Awards Jazz Nominees November 1, 2015 11:32

Lotte Anker's "What River Is This" and Simon Toldam Trio "Kig Op 15" and "Kig Op 14" have been nominated for Danish Music Awards Jazz 2015 in two categories, Danish Jazz Release and Danish Jazz Composer of the Year! Tillykke!

Read more (in Danish) here.

The Black Nothing - "Paths" LP is out now! October 23, 2015 00:00

The award winning Danish pianist and composer Anders Filipsen has created the experimental and genre-breaking work ’Paths’ for his 10- piece band - The Black Nothing. With his electro-acoustic tentet the pianist/keyboardist and composer Anders Filipsen mixes musical inspirations ranging from modern classical music, free improv, west- african music, serial music and noise, forming new paths.

True to form, Filipsen has created an undulating filmic piece, that insists on telling stories. This time the piece ’Paths’ focuses on the autobiographic portrait, and the ways in which the different musical inspirations have shaped him throughout his life into being the musician he is at moment.

On his journey Filipsen has gathered some of the strongest Danish and international improvisers living in Denmark. With his mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds, the music creates an openness devoid of specific labels of genres. In that way this album is an extension of his award- nominated album ’About Time’, with the band The White Nothing.

The album has already received great reviews!

"Det er hård kost. Men for dem, der gider at kæmpe sig gennem buskadserne, er Paths både et stemningsfyldt og krøllet værk, som det er en stakåndet nydelse at folde ud eller fare vild i." - Ralf Christensen, Information

Jacob Anderskov: Dynamics (The Terrain), [Habitable Exomusics Vol. III] is out September 25, 2015 13:41

Dynamics (The Terrain) is Volume III of the Habitable Exomusics 2015 trilogy, and thus the follow-up to “Kinetics (the Path)” & “Statics (the Map)”. Anderskov is heard in dynamic interplay with Nils Davidsen on bass & Gerald Cleaver on drums. The whole album was recorded in one take at Rainbow Studio, Oslo, by Jan Erik Kongshaug.

Jacob Anderskov about the record:

(The title): ''Dynamic'', is in classical mechanics almost synonymous to kinetics, that is, concerned with the study of forces and their effect on motion. But the word “Dynamics”, originating from the Greek word for ”power”, has a vast number of further meanings, including its usage in aerodynamics, thermodynamics, group dynamics, and, not the least, musical dynamics.

(The subtitle) ''The Terrain''– is in a similar way thought of as a transcendence of the metaphors “Path” and “Map” on volume I & II. It borrows from the idea that freely improvised music might be similar to going for a walk in a terrain, where you will make footprints (=music), not because you intended to, but because that is a result of you walking. “The Terrain” also symbolises the totality of Experience, beyond our plans (the path) and our knowledge (the map). And, again: is this ter- rain habitable? Could I stay here? Live here?

''Dynamics'' is, I imagine, the synthesis of the Kinetics – Statics dialectic. It con- cerns the Encounter with the “other” or the “others”, with the unpredictable, the unknown, and, in the end, with the world. It is the application of the Habitable Exomusics approach in a musical and social context, in an intuitive totality.”

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