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ILK is a group of 22 musicians from the danish music scene who has joined forces to release original quality music.

ILK is a free spirited label reflecting the incomparable and vibrant scene in Copenhagen. ILK represents new music, hybrids, avant-, improv- and jazz- related sounds by artists hailed as innovators on an international scale. This group of musicians, that in recent years has made a heavy impact on the scene in Denmark, has gathered to make the growing new music more visible and available, also outside Denmark. Musical necessity, collective responsibility and inspiration from all past and present genres are key issues, shared by the ILKs. In a time where most record companies has lost the grip on what is good or relevant, ILK wishes to be a brand of quality, where the buyer can be assured, that the music itself comes directly from the source.

The ILK’s has played venues and international festivals all over the world. Both releases and live ILK'ing has been praised from Shanghai to Trondheim.

Celebrating 10 years

In 2013 ILK celebrated its ten year anniversary. During two nights at Copenhagen Jazzhouse ILK threw an extravagant party presenting 17 acts that reflected the artistic core of ILK: original, uncompromising music tapped directly from the artists. The anniversary was furthermore marked by a release of twenty consecutive short pieces, one by each ILK artist, sequenced into one album.

New releases

In 2016 you can expect releases from Eggs Laid by Tigers, Torben Snekkestad, Jesper Løvdal, Laura Toxværd, Mark Solborg, Sefan Pasborg and Dawda Jobarteh, Kresten Osgood and Martin Philadelphy, Peter Danstrup among many others...

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