Klökkeblömst: Romantiker/Romanticist

119,00 kr

The Danish trio Klökkeblömst releases their second CD containing new compositions by the double music award winner Peter Danstrup. Their first CD Klökkeblömst (ILK205CD) drew a lot of attention in both Europe and the US, and on Romanticist the band shows how strongly they have developed and clarified their recognizable melodic and collective musical style.

Still with an unmistakingly touch of Danish flavour the three musicians covers all sides of their generously detailed musical universe on the 8 tracks of the record. They find room for both the long stories, the fabulating improvisations and the short, precise statements - keeping the emotional and intense expression in the core of the music all the way through.

Klökkeblömst are:

Anders Banke: Saxophone

Peter Danstrup: Acoustic bass guitar

Anders Provis: Drums

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