Shitney: Earth Core

119,00 kr

Release date: 10-02-2017

Shitney was formed in 2015 with the purpose of creating music on a contrasting acoustic/electric sound plane. Now, after two intense years of touring and working together, they are releasing their debut album, Earth Core, on ILK. Earth Core is comprised of experimental improvisations using the title as subject matter: an imagined excavation of metals and chemical substances, physical laws and paradoxes. The three members of Shitney are all sonically familiar with each other, having previously crisscrossed in various musical constellations on the Copenhagen scene. Here are three women who are all on the fringe of musical normality, in their own ways. Together, they create an unpredictable mix of the concrete and abstract, using beats and samples, as well as synthetic and organic sounds.

Shitney is:
MARIA FAUST – saxophone, effects
KATRINE AMSLER – keys, micro-guitar, programming, electric drums
QARIN WIKSTRÖM – voice, effects, keys

Album is out on CD, digitally and in a limited edition of 50 pieces of heart-shaped soaps in pink color with a dead wasp inside, and a download code icluded. The soaps are produced in Estonia, wasps are hand-collected by soap producer's family, and we do not know whether they have removed the stings from them or not.



"Gruppen starter med en tunnelboremaskine af pulserende rytmer – det kunne lyde som en natklub fyldt med kroppe i stroboskoplys og væske ud over det hele – og bruger den energi til at bore ned gennem jordskorpen til de efterfølgende ni seismografiske undersøgelser udført med saxofon, micro-guitar, keyboards og elektriske trommer i et elektro-akustisk kaos af genrer." (Passive/Agressive)