Søren Kjærgaard: Live at Freedom Music Festival

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Release date:

Digitally - 27-04-2018

LP - 01.01.2019

Cat. nr. ILK278LP

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The two albums Concrescence & Live at Freedom Music Festival are part of a trilogy which is a result of an artistic research project led by pianist and composer, Søren Kjærgaard. The project looks into multi-layered and multi- directional ways of approaching solo piano improvisation. It is a highly explorative project that attempts to open up new ways of creating dynamic and dialogic circuits within the artistic practice by connecting the various stages of the process: the reflexive modes of play and the reflective modes before and after play. Søren Kjærgaard has worked in-depth with questions of how one looks into these modes and how one keeps attuned to the nuances between them.

As a performer, Søren Kjærgaard is engaged in how he can open up a differential field of potential within the natural limitations of the solo format. Through his own improvisational practice he has researched on how this apparent solicity can be transformed into a dialogical situation of a manifold relations, working in different ways with the mobility of form and flexibility of structure by converging composed elements from an embodied practice into an improvisational situation of responsive immediacy.

During his research he also began to experiment with audio-visual sampling leading to the development of a new instrument, the video keyboard which is featured on the double vinyl “Studies For Video Keyboard”, that concludes the trilogy. “Studies For Video Keyboard” is released on Escho in the spring of 2018.

These albums are manifestations around the main field of focus: solo performance, displaying different variations on the core questions of the research: how can one work with multilayeredness as a solo performer and enter into a dynamic and dialogic interaction with ones own materials and ideas? And how can this be unfolded in a performative field between the compositional and the improvisational?