ZAV: "Out of the Spectacle"

199,00 kr

Release date: 21-09-2018
Catalogue no: ILK283LP
“Out of the Spectacle” is the crystallization of a continuing
collaboration between three Danish improvising musicians from
three different generations, that places itself somewhere between
textural improvisation, expressive free jazz and abstract soul.

Alto saxophonist Jesper Zeuthen is a Danish legend, that got
public attention already in the late 60’s for his work with the group
“Blue Sun” and has continued to evolve his music through his own
bands and his work with Jakob Bro, Anderskov Accident, Kasper
Tranberg etc.

Jacob Anderskov is one of the most outstanding voices on the
piano and has, since his debut in 2001, received numerous awards
for his music. He has worked with Michael Formanek, Chris Speed,
Airto Moreira etc. In 2018 he is nominated for the Nordic Council
Music Price.

The youngest of the three, Anders Vestergaard, is all over the
Danish underground music scene and known for his personal
touch on the drums. He is a part of the hard-hitting groups Yes
Deer and Laser Nun and has played with Evan Parker, Lotte Anker,
Thomas Morgan etc.

Together the three musicians creates a non-conceptual and bodily
music that meets the audience in a both challenging and atoning
way, emotionally multidimensional and spacious. They have
developed a personal interplay where influences, dynamics and
intensions floats freely between each other, melts together in
synergy and explodes in abstraction, and where the aim is to
create space instead of filling it up. A sort of reconciliatory blues to
the great spectacle.

Line up:

Jesper Zeuthen - Saxophone
Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Anders Vestergaard - Drums